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To compliment the 70's themed macramé plant hangers, I thought "what else is retro décor that I could contemporize?" 

Introducing my macra-sconce collection.  Each sconce is customized to the votive dish that it comes with.  These creations are like little wall hangings, yet with functionality! They bring texture and color to a wall, enhance the room instantly and provide a romantic lighting element to make you feel warm and cozy.  Each sconce comes with an LED votive candle with a 6 hour daily timer!  The glow from the candle will shine up on the beads and texture, perfect for bedsides, fire place framing, bathrooms, halls, entryways, anywhere you would like a touch of light and design.  Excellent for places you can not have or do not want real flames.



This symbol indicates an upcycled votive dish, a one-of-a-kind find while thrifting. Too good to pass up!

Perfectly imperfect pieces that are now reused glowingly!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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