Here you will find all designs, collections, and offerings in one snapshot view.  What caught my eye in the beginning was how beautiful these pieces looked next to each other, with each hanger in a varying length with a different pot adding a touch of softness and pop that was new to my surroundings. Consider starting your own unique collection that will catch your eye each day. Maybe a subtle trend within each room? 

It seems macramé is making a comeback, but where did it go?


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For hanger information, hanging tips, ideas, and quick fixes, visit the FAQ page.


Shipping is free, on me! 

"Meesh Prime"

Please allow 7 business days to receive your hanger(s).  

Shipping is through USPS and I'll send you an update once your package is on its way.


If you have any concerns or challenges with your order, I'd love to work to make it right!  Please first review the FAQ page to see if any of those general tips and tricks can assist.  If you still have troubles, please contact me via email so we can work out a solution.



Many of these beauties are available for retail consideration. Please contact me for

opportunities to partner! 

This is an ever-changing product line with new collections introduced often, keeping the brand

fresh and appealing to customers!