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You have found the gateway to beautiful, textured, trending macrame plant hangers that plant lovers are looking for!  This page is for retailers who would like to carry Meesh Drops products in their stores.  Please fill out the form below to apply for a retailer account. We will send you our latest catalog and give you access to our online wholesale ordering. We would love to have you as a partner and share our "everything sells" experience with you!


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Meesh Drops are high-quality macramé plant hangers with meticulously-designed nets to securely hold pots from 3” to 10”. Based in Eau Claire, WI, we currently feature bestsellers The Staggered Spiral Collection, The Stacked Collection, and our top-selling functional macramé shelving. These affordable, well-structured plant hangers are the “hard-to-find good ones” that houseplant enthusiasts are asking for.

All hangers designed by Meesh

Partner with Meesh Drops:

1. Apply for a retailer account.

2. Await permissions to access wholesale ordering.

3. Place order online ($200 minimum).

4. Pay invoice sent via email.

5. Invoice will include shipping terms.

Ready To Ship Orders:
100% Balance Due

Advanced Orders:

20% Due when ordering

80% Due when ready to ship

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