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This page is for retailers who would like to carry Meesh Drops products in their stores. Since not all products are available for wholesale, we've compiled the eligible products in one nice snapshot and created package options. All products will come with a Meesh Drops tag noting item name, "best for" pot size notation, and item #.  Tag will not include price. There is room on the back of the tag for you to add a barcode sticker and/or price of your own. Included invoice will allow you to match up item # to MSRP.

For wholesale orders, please follow these guidelines:

-Wholesale orders accepted January - April only.  Shipments arrive by first week in May.
-Minimum $375 wholesale/$750 retail

-Create your order from this page, select your package and add-ons. 

-Submit Order

-Await final invoice via email from Meesh Drops with links for payment.

-Payment Options: Venmo and checks accepted.  Credit cards accepted with additional 3.5% fee. 

January - April
Wholesale Ordering
Preferred Payment Method

Thank you for choosing Meesh Drops!

Thank you! We will be in touch!

Wholesale packages.jpg

Please note:

Plant Hangers: Your shipment will be made up of 90% natural (white) and 10% colors. Unfortunately, you will not be able to select specific colors, but we will include a few popular colors. 


In addition to your plant hanger inventory, you may select a few additional pieces that we have made available for wholesale.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to select specific colors or patterns, but we will include best-sellers according to supplies on-hand.

Inventory Packages:

The inventory packages below should last you 6-12 months according to the size of your shop. These packages have been created after careful analysis of our current retail client sales and numbers.  Click here for printable pricing chart.


Simple Singles

Short Hanger for 4" pots

Medium Hanger for 6-8" pots

Long Hanger for 6-10" pots

Meesh Drops 4stacked.jpg


Double Standard for 6" pots

Triple for 4" pots

Double Short for 4" pots

Triple for 3" succulent pots

Meesh Drops patterns.jpg


Pattern hangers offer more texture and design.  

Wall Hanging

Wall hangings received will be based on colors/supplies on hand.  12" wide / 24" long


Rainbows received will be based on colors/supplies on hand.  12" wide dowel rod



Keychains received will be based on colors/supplies on hand.

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