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What's the story?

Meesh (Michelle) is the artist, the Drops are the art. What started out as a quest to find pretty graduation gifts in 2020 turned into a very small business that was very well received! After three years of showcasing and selling retail at 30-40 art markets per year, we have created what people are looking for and loving! As we launch wholesale, Meesh Drops can now be found in stores all over the country.

We are confident that you will be impressed with these designs that securely hold your precious plants, and that you'll be back for more!

The Beginning

-Source the best materials

-Design the most-functional hangers

-Create - Create - Create, every day, every week

-Get the products to the public

-Attend markets & festivals across the midwest

-Find what people are wanting, buying, and loving

MeeshDrops_macrame cord supplies_edited.
Sketch Arrow 2_edited.png

Our pop-up drop shop

Macramaking Classes

As customers purchased macrame hangers, we were asked,"do you teach classes?"  100+ students later, we've developed a community of macramakers!


We offered consignment and had some small wholesale orders, but we were too busy with our own retail markets. We kept consignment to manageable levels.

Mall Pop Up Shop

Taking up space at the local mall for Christmas time was incredible! Making hangers behind the counter all day long to keep up with the inventory needs. Very costly rental, very long days, very high sales, very amazing experience and great memories!

Home & Garden Shows

Let's try something new! We needed some venues for the winter months. This experience led the way to our wholesale launch. 

Wholesale Trade Shows

We saw a need for better plant hangers than what we found sold in stores.  We are now overly excited to bring our designs to market and jump into the game! We design our own plant hangers, we have sourced great suppliers in India and China to help us with our large production needs and we distribute from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Showroom hours by appointment. 

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